The major steps of invention patent protected SOP are listed below to recover lead acid batteries used in all kinds of vehicles. Please click this link to watch the video with English voice over. 


Inspection -

Outlook inspection to filter out the defected battery with ruptures, rusting or inflated case

Cleaning -

Cleaning the dust in the battery surface with high pressure spray gun.

Adding Water -

Adding pure or distilled water in each battery cell to reach to standard water level. The gravity of electrolyte should be in the range of 1.25 – 1.28 measured by hydrometer.

Recovery -

Connecting the system with the battery by holding on the red and black clip to the positive pole (anode) and negative pole (cathode) of the battery.

Stewing -

The recovered battery should be left on standing around 2 days to make sure its CCA and voltage value is back to normal.

Testing -

Final OQC testing to ensure the quality control before shipping out the recovered battery.

Packing -

Final cleaning and packing the battery for shipment.